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April 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th at 1pm PDT

Spring Special $597 (Normally $997)

Spring Special $597
(Normally $997)

Rhonda Sher, the "LinkedIn Diva", takes you behind the curtain to learn EXACTLY how to create a LinkedIn profile that establishes credibility, visibility and profitability.

Does your LinkedIn Profile have you "hiding out" or "standing out"?

Discover how to attract your ideal client and referral partners with The Sher Method™ – the “sure way” to create and optimize your LinkedIn profile to generate new business

Be positioned as the GO TO EXPERT and the ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE for the product or service you offer

It is no secret that experts, influencers and authorities are using their LinkedIn profile to create more money-making opportunities with new clients and referral partners........ 

If you are reading this, chances are, you do too.

The challenge for many is…

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile isn’t something that is taught in school

  • It is confusing and a lot of work

  • Hiring someone to do it for you can be expensive

  • The rules of LinkedIn keep changing

  • It can truly be overwhelming

Here’s the solution……Enroll in The Sher Method™ – LinkedIn Profile Creation Course now to learn directly from the expert- Rhonda Sher – how to create your LinkedIn profile that will keep you out of the “LinkedIn Witness Protection Program” and have you Standing Out instead of Hiding Out on LinkedIn

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Many people think that they need to be a great copywriter to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile. Maybe they think there is a “magic formula” that nobody will share to make your profile “pop” and stand out above the others who do what you do.


Did you know that there is a 70% chance that when someone Googles your name, your LinkedIn profile will show up on the first page?

Did you know that people are 2x more likely to believe what they read on LinkedIn than any other platform – INCLUDNG your website?

Many people spend thousands of dollars into a slick website or landing page with NO idea whether SEO will ensure their prospects or customers will see it FIRST. Meanwhile, LinkedIn profiles usually appear at the very top of page one on a Google search. More importantly, your LinkedIn profile will tell your visitors exactly what you want them to know, positioning you the only logical choice to work with.

If you have already put in the time to establish yourself as an expert – authored a book, consulted with clients whether paid or unpaid, been on podcasts, written articles or anything that positions you as an expert in your field, yet you are NOT seen as that “GO TO EXPERT” on LinkedIn, then The Sher Method – LinkedIn Profile Creation Course is for you.

This is a 4 week live, interactive program led by Rhonda Sher.

Each session is 60 minutes, consisting of live training and Q&A. It will be live on Zoom. The class is designed to be informative, interactive and fun.

Each session will be recorded and put in a portal for you to access and watch over and over again. You will have access to this portal for one year (from the date of the final session) so you can go back and review any session at any time.

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Here is what you will learn in just 4 short weeks:

  • How to get attention by developing a powerful LinkedIn headline that attracts visitors and and tells them why they should keep reading your profile

  • Creating a LinkedIn banner that clearly tells visitors who you are

  • Writing your About Section in a way that invites visitors to want to connect and learn more about your products or services

  • Upgrading your headshot, including removing the background if desired 

  • Creating a Feature Section that showcases you in a bright light

  • Adding recommendations to your profile

  • Adding an audio introduction

  • Adding your volunteer experience

  • Adding your Awards and Recognition

  • Creating your personal LinkedIn URL

  • Listing additional courses you have taken outside of your formal education

  • Adding all the newest features to update and optimize your profile

This four-week course is NOT like any other LinkedIn profile course you may have taken.  

For the first time, Rhonda is taking you behind the curtain to learn what to do – step by step – to create or update your own LinkedIn profile.

You will learn how to do EXACTLY what clients have spent thousands of dollars to have Rhonda do for them.

Create the Know - Like - Trust factor using your LinkedIn profile that will attract your ideal prospects, clients and referral partners.

By the end of the course, if you follow all the steps, you will have a LinkedIn profile you will want to invite all of your prospects, clients and referral partners to see. In fact, you will more easily be found by them, potentially resulting in more referrals, sales and business.

Your Investment in "Standing Out"

Spring Special $597!!

Set your schedule for success in 2023

Come Learn with Rhonda (all times 1PM Pacific)

 April 6th, 1pm Pacific

 April 13th, 1pm Pacific

 April 20th, 1pm Pacific

 April 27th, 1pm Pacific

  • Can't make these dates or times? No problem. Sessions will be recorded for viewing over and over at your convenience.


    I asked Rhonda to overhaul my LinkedIn profile because I was moving along on two different career tracks and had no idea how to blend them into a coherent profile. Rhonda spent a good chunk of time talking to me and listening. Then she produced her magic. I was stunned—it was so simple yet elegant. Not only that, but she’s also helping me figure out how to turn my knowledge into a product. Thank you, Rhonda! You over-deliver for the sheer joy of helping others market themselves. – Robin Merle

    From her first assessment of my Linked In page to her work with me as a private client, Rhonda has been an amazing roll-up-your-sleeves mentor. If you are thinking of connecting with her to get your Linked In page kick started or upgraded, I can say without hesitation that she will be an affirming, clear and expert partner with you to optimize your presence on this platform. Hire her to help — you won't regret it. – Vicki Del Joio

    I hired Rhonda to upgrade and optimize my LinkedIn profile as well as assist me to generate more leads and referrals in my business. Rhonda has exceeded my expectations and her coaching is spot on. She is a wealth of resources, generous with her time and I am already scheduling appointments with my ideal clients. If you have been wondering how to leverage this platform, LinkedIn, which can be overwhelming, Rhonda breaks down in a way that is easy to follow and get results. Thank you, Rhonda, – Tina McDermott




    You will get everything you need to create a LinkedIn profile that will position you as the only logical choice for your product or service to generate unlimited new business

    I'm Ready To Get Started!

    About Rhonda Sher:

    Rhonda Sher is known as the “LinkedIn Diva”. She is the author of four books, a Speaker, Connector, Business Networking Expert, Mentor, Wife, and Mother. She is recognized as one of the country’s foremost experts on teaching entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners how to leverage LinkedIn.

    Rhonda has worked with thousands of clients who have monetized LinkedIn. As a result, they have generated hundreds and thousands of dollars over and above what they were already earning. With close to 200 recommendations on LinkedIn and over 31,000 followers, Rhonda is clearly the “Go To Expert” when it comes to LinkedIn.

    She has dedicated her life to empowering entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners to position themselves as the only logical choice for their product or service on LinkedIn. 

    Rhonda's concept, The Sher Method™, puts you in control of your business and digital footprint on the world’s largest business networking platform – LinkedIn. It features just a few simple and proven moves. You will be empowered to access your full potential, authority and income,  getting you off the "revenue rollercoaster" from here on out. You will be able to generate relationships that convert to revenue, and start "standing out" instead of "hiding out" on LinkedIn.

    Rhonda has worked with the top leaders in the insurance industry, financial services, real estate, coaching, speaking and sales. Her gift is positioning professionals as the only the logical choice for the product or service they offer on LinkedIn. 

    If you are looking for a way to leverage LinkedIn and be seen as the go to authority in your field, The Sher Method can show you exactly how to do it. This class will be the break-through you’ve been looking for.

    I'm Ready To Get Started!

    Bonus #1

    Enroll now!

    Course Starts

    April 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th at 1pm PDT

    Total Investment: $597.00

     Action-Takers Bonuses: 

  • Learn how to read a LinkedIn profile to develop instant rapport (value $297.00)

  • Learn how to get your connections to give you the LinkedIn recommendation that you want effortlessly (value $197.00)

  • Get direct feedback from Rhonda Sher in a one on one 30-minute Zoom call about your LinkedIn profile (value $297.00)                         

  • How to use your LinkedIn Profile as your website ($197.00)

  • List of Top 100 Hastags ($97.00)                                              

  • Link to get access to Zoom with all the paid features for only $12.99 per month

  • Total Value: $1,085!

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    Does your LinkedIn Profile have you "hiding out" or "standing out"?

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